Terms and conditions Miledy LLC


Miledy Bridal Boutique

Customers are required to pay a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on the date of buying a bridal gown or within a 14 days after an invoice was sent.

Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique are under no obligation to refund or exchange once a deposit is put on a dress.

Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique specialize in the sale on customized and new wedding dresses.

No goods may be removed from the premises until full payment of the wedding dress/accessories have been fulfilled.

All gowns remain the property of Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique until paid for in full.

All items with a deposit on them are non-returnable / non-refundable.

Customers should retain their receipts/online payments as proof of purchase and be sure to have read this ‘Terms and Conditions’ notice and fully understand its requirements.

Gowns/ Accessories bought cannot be returned or any monies refunded.
Dresses are sold as seen.


The price of garments EXCLUDES all costs in respect of alterations or fitting work.


Gowns may be purchased as either:

  • Made-to-measure: a new or existing design and alterations to fit the gown are included in the price except bustling. Additions such as sashes and desired embellishments cost extra.
  • Off-the-rack: the gown is offered for sale in its current condition. Any alterations or additions to the gown are extra.

Payment for your gown may be made in instalments. 50% deposit of the gown price is required to secure your order. The balance must be fully paid by the final fitting of the dress. Payment of deposit means you accept these terms and conditions. Gown orders will only commence production after initial deposit has been accepted.


As soon as your 50% deposit is paid, Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique place orders for materials or begin the production process. We are obliged by our suppliers and contractors to honors those orders.  For this reason, your deposits are forfeited if you decide to cancel your order at any time.
In the case of off-the-rack sales, the deposit is forfeited as we have either cleaned your gown or have removed it from purchase, therefore losing a potential sale. Administrative work is also incurred and is covered by the deposit.

After the deposit has been paid and contract has been signed Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique CANNOT AND WILL NOT accept any responsibility in respect of any changes which may occur in the customer’s size and body shape.


Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique prefer gown orders to be placed no later than 4 months before the wedding date. Please note that if you place your order within 2 months of your wedding date, you may incur a 10% rush surcharge and you risk the possibility of certain materials being out of stock or delivery delay.


The first consultation, fitting and measurements are free of charge. Consultations and fittings are 45-60 minutes in length.
Please come to your fittings with your bridal underwear and shoes. We need to have correct foundations and an accurate measure of height to design accurately. We suggest no makeup or tanning creams as this may stain your dress before the wedding.


Only use professional dry cleaners specializing in bridal gowns. Some garments are made of various materials, each of which require different requirements for care. Please use bridal professional dry cleaners only.


Miledy LLC/Miledy Bridal Boutique will take your measurements at the time of order. Miledy LLC/Miledy Bridal Boutique cannot be responsible should your body measurements fluctuate after the initial measurements are taken. Whilst every effort will be made to adjust the garment, no guarantees are made for perfect fit. We will not be responsible if our suppliers do not deliver fabric / materials on time. Every effort will be made to supply a suitable replacement in this unlikely event.

Made to order gowns and dresses may vary slightly from the original sample in color and/or shading due to the variations in dye lots, and availability of material.

A garment left on our premises in storage after completion of sale is left at the customer’s own risk.

Garments must be collected within a maximum of 6 months from date of last fitting unless otherwise arranged.  Uncollected gowns will be returned to stock and resold. Deposits are forfeited if orders are not collected. We do not take any responsibility for a garment once it has left our possession.
Terms and conditions may be changed without notice.

Miledy LLC/ Miledy Bridal Boutique is committed to providing the highest satisfaction of the customers in completing your order and providing you with the desired gown for each wedding. If you are unsatisfied with any part of your experience, please let us know and we will do our best to reach an outcome you are satisfied with.